Estate & Trust Management

Estate planning is a vital component of every wealth perpetuation strategy. An estate plan outlines how, when and where your wealth will be transferred after you are gone. Designed correctly, it can minimize your tax liability and help future generations effectively manage your family’s wealth. But if your estate plan is developed by someone without a full understanding of your family’s unique needs and objectives, it can undermine your vision and diminish your financial legacy.

We have extensive knowledge of estate planning issues, and we work closely with estate planning attorneys to ensure our families are well served. As part of your family’s comprehensive plan, we will explore how establishing (or modifying) a trust may help you better achieve your wealth transfer goals. A trust, of which there are many types, establishes the terms under which your assets are distributed, and can significantly reduce the amount of estate and gift taxes owed.

Personal and business tax planning also are essential to an estate plan, and they require continual oversight. After your plan has been established, we monitor the ongoing changes in federal and state tax laws to ensure your estate can be distributed according to your wishes.

The complexities of estate planning are a perfect example of how a family office, with a holistic view of your family’s situation, can help ensure that your goals are met and that unforeseen difficulties are avoided.