Sells Family Business


About this family

After building a family business over many years of hard work, George and Mary have decided to reap the reward of their diligence by divesting the company and retiring to Florida. They intend to maintain an active retirement lifestyle and spend time with their grandchildren. They also want to give back to the community that supported their business by contributing to charitable causes and to their college alma maters.

And that’s where we came in: Legacy Trust’s first priority for George and Mary is to help them build a diversified investment portfolio focused on asset preservation and tax efficiency. Remembering their losses when technology stocks declined in 2001, George and Mary prefer a conservative investment strategy, and the size of their assets allows them to generate more than enough income with low risk exposure. The portfolio designed by Legacy Trust will produce significant growth during market advances but also provide protection on the downside. It includes 20 percent stock, 30 percent high-grade municipal bonds, and 50 percent alternatives designed to produce steady income.

George and Mary also want to transfer wealth to their children and help them manage their money wisely. They have established a family trust for a portion of the assets to take advantage of its efficiency as an estate planning tool. Legacy Trust hosts an annual family meeting during the holiday season to keep the children informed of their parents’ estate plan and gifting strategy, and to provide financial guidance as needed. To help George and Mary support their college alma maters, Legacy Trust has established charitable remainder trusts and also manages the couple’s other charitable contributions.

This profile is representative of Legacy Trust clients and the strategies that we design and implement for them. It does not describe an actual Legacy Trust client.

Jonathan Darabos