Legacy Planning

Legacy planning differs from estate planning in that it goes beyond the orderly transfer of wealth to address the sustainment of wealth across multiple generations. A family’s success in sustaining its wealth from one generation to the next is no accident. It requires careful planning in several key areas, all of which the team at Legacy Trust will help you understand and implement.

We understand that no one born into family wealth comes prepared with the knowledge or experience necessary to deal with the many challenges that wealth presents. To help our families through these challenges, we offer personalized tutoring sessions with our knowledgeable professionals.

We also offer a range of philanthropic planning services to address strategies for charitable giving, which has become increasingly complex. A well-designed philanthropic strategy is a significant component of effective financial planning, as well as a way to broaden the positive impact of your wealth in the community and the world. We work as a consultant to our families; advising them and monitoring their giving plans to ensure their wishes are being met.

Family governance meetings are another important part of Legacy Planning as they ensure that all members of your family understand the theory behind your strategic planning and that they are prepared should any unforeseen circumstances arise.  Family meetings can be held twice a year, or more frequently if a family has a jointly owned or managed business.