Our Values

Why Legacy

Our mission statement says it all, “Serving our member families, Legacy Trust defines the family office experience and ensures for our clients, a meaningful legacy.” We understand the vision our client families have for their legacy and our job is to help them implement that vision through wealth management, estate planning, tax planning, insurance services and second generation counseling. We implement the best practices by having specific Family Office experience to help our clients plan in advance and avoid any pitfalls.

Our own legacy is important to us too. For Legacy Trust, that means we serve our community by sharing our time, wisdom and talents along with our financial resources to help advocate for our community. Using our values as our compass, we protect our legacy as well as the legacy of each of our client families.

Why Trust

Trust is in our name because without it, we don’t have a business. The foundation of every relationship we have with each other and our clients is based on this philosophy. Internally, it means we build trust by communicating, checking each other’s work and being thoughtful (and thought provoking). Externally, it means we do what is in the best interest of our clients.

Our client families trust us to understand that their legacy is so much more than financial, and without the financial piece and proper management, their vision would not be achievable. Doing the right thing is not only a moral conviction for us but also a legal one; as fiduciaries, we have are legally required to always act in the best interest of our clients.

Why Family

“Family” – it is at the root of our name and our philosophy for several reasons. Ask any of our staff and you’ll get the same answer: we feel like a family serving families. Because we are a multi-family office we are essentially a CFO for our client families; we provide the guidance, stewardship and advice necessary to implement long-term, generational wealth planning solutions.

We don’t function as a bank, financial advisor, broker or even a wealth manager. We provide those services, and we provide an entire menu of additional services. Legacy Trust is not a big box bank experience, and we will treat you as an individual with unique needs. If you prefer personal service, sound advice, peace of mind and a company you can trust with confidence, then Legacy Trust is the place for you.

Our client families have earned the right to enjoy their time, and they say we simplify their lives by providing guidance, leadership and attention to detail. With Legacy Trust on their team, they have the time to focus on the big picture and enjoy the activities that are important to them. We are the expert in charge of their finances.